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About strathyre

Service: All the children at Strathyre are committed to The Salvation Army care through the Children’s Court due to varying degrees of abuse, neglect, poverty and/or abandonment or incapacity of their caregivers.

Healing journey: It is here, within a secure and loving home environment, that the children’s past hurts are addressed and they start on the long and often difficult road to a meaningful future.

Integration: The children attend eleven different local schools, including special needs.

Programmes: In January 2007 Strathyre began a Skills Development Programme and through this, actively prepares the girls for life after the Home. The Programme focuses on providing academic support, facilitating life skills, providing career orientation and work experience and a diverse and stimulating activity programme.

Support: Without the help of both the corporate and private sector and also individual donors it would not be possible to provide adequate care and stimulation to these vulnerable children.

Our History

In 1921 the Rand Home for Women and girls was opened in Driehoek, Germiston. In 1934 the home transferred to an old house in Troyville, Johannesburg and adopted the name Strathyre Girls Home meaning “Little Haven”. Then our existing premises were built in 1968 in Kensington.

 Our Goal

To care for girls aged 3 -18 years irrespective of race, class, religion. The children in our facility are committed through the children’s court due to various degrees of abuse, neglect, abandonment, orphaned and poverty.

 Our Mission

To provide a secure, caring and loving home environment within which the children’s needs for healing of past hurts are addressed and where a spirit of hope for the future is encouraged and nurtured.


Our Facilities

We are all under one roof being housed in three self-contained living areas comprising of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, TV lounge and a flat for the Child Care Worker. The children and Child Care Workers live and interact on a daily basis as “family” within these areas. Recreational and educational facilities include:

  • Multi –purpose hall used for church, holiday programs , homework and training
  • Swimming pool and an equipped playground area
  • Library/Resource Skills /Computer center
  • Administrative Offices
  • Centralized kitchen and reception area
  • Second hand shop/garage