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In response to our calling from God, The Salvation Army has an active and vibrant outreach, whether through its faith communities or its community work. Thousands of people – ranging in age from new-born to the elderly – depend on the outreach of The Salvation Army, through soup kitchens, homes for children, rehabilitation centres, or home-based care for the sick and elderly, to mention some of the ways in which we care for people. Without the support of The Salvation Army, life would be that much more difficult and sometimes unbearable for many of them.

In order to provide this support, however, The Salvation Army depends on the generosity of members of the public whose donations enable us to continue our ministry. There are a number of ways in which you can support The Salvation Army:

  • Make a direct monetary transfer or payment into our bank account for ministry needs. The details are as follows:

Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Eastgate
Branch code: 257705
Account number: 55275833760
Reference: Please give your name as a reference / Strathyre

Please send details of your monetary contribution to the Public Relations Secretary by email here, or by telephone to 011-718-6745 so that we can acknowledge your gift.

  • Through a monthly debit order. Banking details are as above.
  • Donate blankets and clothing through a local corps, divisional headquarters or territorial headquarters.
  • Leave a bequest in your will. For details, please contact the Public Relations Secretary by email here, or by telephone at 011-615-7327.
  • Donate R30 by sending an SMS to 42290 with one of the following words:

BLANKET – for a contribution to purchase blankets
FOOD – for a contribution to a soup kitchen or similar outreach
CHILDREN – for a contribution to children’s ministries
ELDERLY – for a contribution to ministry for the elderly
REHABILITATION – for a contribution to a rehabilitation centre
TRAFFICKING – for a contribution to the fight against human trafficking