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All children attend local church on Sunday morning. The small ones attend Sunday school and the bigger girls go to big church. The Matriculates go to the local church of their choice.Ongoing Pastoral counselling as needed


Therapeutic services include psychotherapy, play therapy, group therapy and life skills training from the perspective of a holistic approach. Networking with other service providers from the community is an important aspect in our relationship building at a larger level.


Outings for example Zoo, movies, picnics, Christmas dinners and holiday trips.


Our girls attend seventeen (17) schools in the area; these include main line schools, special schools and Pre-school. Regular liaison with schools on children’s progress. Children are also involved in extra murals. There’s a supervision and assistance of homework daily.


General health care. Teaching hygiene in order to take care of their bodies as well as self-protection skills. Special health care precautions.